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Chad MuskaChad Muska’s skateboarding career has taken him from rags to riches and given him a life that most ghetto kids could only dream of having someday. He drives a Cadillac Escalade (nice ride; remember the florida drivers license check?), and his ex girlfriends include fashion designer Catherine Fullmer and party girl / TV Star Paris Hilton.

Chad Muska has an army of fans around the world just waiting to see what he is going to do next. He is one of those people who can sell almost anything he puts his name on. That kind of reputation doesn’t come easy. Through hard work and a lot of good luck he’s become a staple in the 90’s re-birth of skateboarding and with the release of MuskaBeatz, Chad has made another cross over landmark in Hip Hop Culture as well.

With C1RCA Footwear in full swing Chad Muska has launched C1RCA Premieum Denim. These are basically knock off designer jeans like Diesels or Evisos but with the same style and the same huge price tag of these larger brands. Skateboarding brands are getting out of control but the kids, who only just stopped playing on their Wooden Swing Sets in their parents backyards, keep buying this shit and Muska is getting richer and richer in the process. Epic stuff, wouldn’t you agree? When you think of people who have made a great life for themselves doing what they love Chad Muska is one of the names that comes to mind.

While Chad Muska hasn’t been in the spot light as much in recent times, he is still popular among internet searches and there are still many Chad Muska pictures, and will always live on in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game series. It’s good to be Chad Muska.

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  1. I can remember when Chad made his first national appearance on the Shorty’s Fulfill the Dream! Freakin awesome. Kids idolized Muska. Then he came out with MuskaBeatz, which almost 20 years later and it still kicks ass! Thanks Chad for your hard work and keepin it real! Hey!!!! I lost my copy of MuskaBeatz (maybe just wore it slick out) any chance I could get another sent to me? Hey remember in Fulfill the Dream when Chad 50/50’d the Gonzalez rail! Hell yeah I know what time it is. Well I had a dream and Chad sent me a copy of MuskaBeatz! Thanks Bro,
    Jeremy Woods
    2136 Rockcreek Dr. Apt. D
    Bowling Green, KY 42101

  2. 10 Things | Mini Interview‏

    G’Day Chad,

    Just wanted to get in touch with you in regards to doing a little mini-interview in the next issue of the magazine. You probably haven’t heard of the mag before, as we’re based in Australia and sitting pretty underground right now, but basically TJQ (Trunk Junk Quarterly) is an inspiration bible, focusing on skate, surf, snow and art. The magazine is massively focused on big visuals, as we spend months on end purely on the artwork of the magazine. I do most of the artwork myself, but do tend to help gather content from time to time.

    Anyways man, would be wicked to have you do a little section in the magazine for us. It’s a real fun interview that we get one rider from each sport to do. Only takes about 20 minutes, and needs only one photo. Let us know if you’d be up for it. Would be good to get it done as soon as we can!

    Look forward to your reply mate.



  3. My name is hunter beard a hip hop artist currently living in LA. I’ve had to songs on the radio in the south. I heard you make beats and thought I’d see what was up with one for my next album. You can hear my whole album on (go to thethe non mobile version) or see some music videos on youtube. Just type in hunter beard. I have a couple good press opurtunitys coming up, etc.

  4. Dear Chad,

    Arts Fund, a venture capital firm that produces and invests in independent Music, Art, and Film initiatives and their connection to the audience, is is seeking talented contemporary artists in the Los Angeles area to participate in a national touring arts program featuring the hottest names in contemporary urban art. On the heels of inaugural success in London and San Francisco—60M+ online media impressions—this pilot program sponsored by Red Bull encompasses a tour of four major US cities and will engage 20 emerging or established artists in each location. The participating artists in each city will create program-specific works of art and have their work judged during an exhibition in a gallery space for inclusion in an all-expenses-paid gallery show in Miami during the 2012 Art Basel season.

    The selection process for inclusion in the Miami art fair will be based on social media fan response throughout the program as well as a recommendation from an art luminary curation panel. Your friends and fans alike will also be able to take part in the voting process, essentially assuring your success if you maintain a large and active presence in social media!

    The artist’s creative processes will be memorialized in a series of mini-documentaries filmed by an award-winning Indie director. You and more importantly, your artwork, will act as part of a larger documentary that will cover your contemporaries in other cities around the United States. The cities we are launching events in include Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Miami. Our San Francisco event was hosted by Justin Giarla of White Walls, and drew a crowd of 1,500 on opening night. I have included the link to the film treatment for your review below as well as Red Bull Media House’s documentary for the San Francisco program.

    We’ll also be including your work in all our regional and national press campaigns, so you will gain priceless exposure as a participant in this pilot program. You’ll also have the chance to make valuable relationship with brand representatives, gallery directors, members of the press, and the general public.

    If you are interested in taking part in this groundbreaking project, please let me know so we can further the dialogue opened in this missive. I am also available to speak on the phone regarding any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

    Best regards,
    Bill Franchey
    415.902.8834 direct

    San Francisco Pilot Documentary:

    Upcoming US Tour Film Treatment:

    Learn More About Arts Fund:

    Art’s Fund’s Creative Production House, Term of Art:

    Red Bull Media House:

  5. Hello,

    I’m looking to get in touch with Chad Muska regarding participation in an Los Angeles arts event sponsored by Red Bull.

    Can I reach him directly through this portal, or is there a more expedient method of reaching him?


  6. whats up this is Tyler from the Burgh. I was inspired by you as a child and still am.But I would really like it if you would send me an E-mail Anyways i was truly inspired by fullfill tha dream. anyways send me a E-mail.Thanks

  7. My son just bought his first pair of supras a few days ago, he is a big fan and wants to be a pro skater like you , Wednesday he was skating in front of our quiet subdivision and a car hit him. He has over 17 broken bones in his face , brain swelling, bruised lungs and is on breathing machine. They are going to put a plate in his head and in his leg where it is also broken . He is in ICU at UMC North Las Vegas Hospital. My boy just turned 15 and he is so sweet and innocent. He is going into to surgery in a few hours. I am terrified and I am asking that maybe you and some other of his heroes, TK, Rob Dyrdek, may send him a letter or something to encourage him when he wakes up or maybe come visit him, it would mean the world to him and maybe you would get some good pr out of it. Please think about it. My son is Nathan Barringer, my # is 314-285-1288. Thanks for your time.

  8. Hey chad, I’m sure this is probably one of a million messages you’ve read regarding this fact but I’ve been trying for so long to find a pair of your cm902 or cm802.
    I know you don’t really even ride for circa anymore but do you have any idea where I can find a pair of these? I can’t believe I’m even resorting to this. Thank you.

    P.s. I’ve been a huge can of yours. Your one the the skaters i grew up following. Although I do t skate anymore you were a huge influence on my life.

  9. Casting VIP Celebrity Judges for New NBC Show‏


    My name is Chloe Cerami, I am a casting director from NBC. I am extremely interested in casting Chad Muska as a VIP celebrity judge for our new show ‘The Winner Is’. We could use his participation in an episode on one of these dates:

    Tuesday, March 26th
    Wednesday, March 27th
    Thursday, March 28th
    Sunday, March 31st

    Here is some more information on the show.

    NBC’s new primetime singing show, ‘The Winner Is’ is currently casting entertainment professionals as featured judges and music experts. The show comes from the creators and producers of ‘The Voice’ and is a serious singing competition with a game show twist. The caliber of singers on the show is exceptional and it’s slated by NBC to be the biggest party on network TV to date. ‘The Winner Is’ has a group of hand selected music experts, bloggers, youtube and conventional celebrities, and industry insiders referred to as “The 101”. There are 101 in total and they will be seated in a VIP sectioned off area of the audience in the shape of a giant “W”. This group serve as our Judges for the competition and they are the only ones who will be voting for our contestants, determining whether they move on to the next round. We are choosing a select few persons from this group as “the face” of “The 101.” We would love to have Chad as one of the select few.

    Face time with host Nick Lachey
    Interviews with our NBC digital team will be featured on NBC’s blog and website for viral use
    Green Room
    Goody Bag
    VIP access
    Private Picture with Nick Lachey on stage
    Please let me know your thoughts as soon as you get a chance, we are somewhat limited in our availability.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Thank you for your time!

    Chloe Cerami

    NBC Casting Director
    (949) 302-1202

  10. Dear Chad,

    we are a Vienna, AUSTRIA based Contemporary Art Gallery and we really like your art. Would you be interested in showing your work at our Gallery. We would definitely like to make a solo show just with your art. That would be also a nice opportunity for you to step into the European Art market. We would be really happy to get in contact with you or or agent for further details.


  11. My son is a huge fan of yours and he is turning 11 on June 3. I am getting him his first board and was wondering how I can obtain an autographed picture to go with it. His name is Exzavior and he is the best kid on the planet. I want so bad to make this dream come true for him. Also is it possible to pay you to call him on the phone? We are in Texas and I doubt he will ever have another way of meeting you. Thanks so much for taking time to read this. :)

  12. We are wanting to reproduce the ‘skytop interview’ centre photograph (actually the top right corner image’
    For a ‘one of ‘ poster to install in a child’s bedroom…
    Can you help us?


  13. Hey Chad,

    I’ve been a big fan since I was a kid — the Shorty’s Muska Silhouette deck was the first pro board I ever had, and I got your eS pro shoe (but the shop I got it from didn’t have any with stash pockets in the tongue, so I cut mine into the tongue even though I didn’t need it at that point in my life, lol). Anyway, I’m still a big fan and follow you on IG and what’s cool is that even though I no longer skate, you’re still an influence on my creativity. I really dig your art and your photos and your messages.

    Anyway, to get to the point — I’m wondering what it will take to get an interview with you to publish on my company’s blog. My buddy and I started this clothing company that shares initials with our old skate crew, and we’re all about creativity and collaboration. We want to be known more as a brand that encourages creativity and shares insights into the culture rather than a clothing company, so we want to help promote designers and artists who are part of other clothing companies. With that said, I’d love to interview you for our “Behind the Steez” series, which focuses on the creative process. I hope it’s not a conflict of interest with your own ventures. Like I said, please let me know what I gotta do to get that interview with you. Thanks Zen Master.


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